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Quality content

EduInsip is committed to helping its clients to reach their goals, to providing quality content. Scheduling of timelines and keen project management that makes us stand out from the rest.
Quality Guarantee

We assure quality and we are a leading firm with no compromise policy with content. Your work goes with a multi-level process of checking and then finalizing the draft.

Subject Speciality

We had a dedicated team of experts including subject matter experts, instructional designers and content matter experts. The content goes with multi-level checking at different stages. Our content experts are highly qualified and with extensive qualification.

Low Cost

We are delivering projects at a commendable price. The cost is really low and fits your budget. The quality content available at a low price is our speciality. So what are you waiting for, just enrol yourself for a better experience?

Delivery Guarantee

Our experts and team ensure that your content is delivered at time. We had a large pool of freelance subject matter experts and in-house team. We had a motto of delivering the content at a stipulated time defined by the client.

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What We Offer

Assessment Development

We, at EduInsip provide Assessment Development, provide services which include both original item creation and item cloning. Other of the inclusions are item alignment and item review services. As per the Client’s requirements, the items/work can be delivered in word document, excel sheets or even professional writing software like InCopy. We also provide the direct method to enter the content into the Client Specific Content Management System.

Content Development (K-12)

Our services include content development for K-12 level as well. These writing services are both standardized or customized according to your requirement. In these services, we are specialized in providing school textbook development, solution authoring, lesson plans, video solutions and lectures as well as practice papers and Q&A. These services are particularly designed to provide an analytical view for the learners.

Editorial Services

Editorial services are like icing on the cake and we know how important that icing is when it comes to our clients and their learners. Copy editing, textbook editing, manuscript formatting, plagiarism check, proofreading and fact/technical reviews are the services which we have included in our editorial services. It helps in improving the quality of the item/content.

Alt-Text Writing

Alt text writing is a way of making the digital or print content searchable and available for all. We, EduInsip, understand the need of it in the modern times and provide our clients with alt text writing services as well. The quality of this content is top-notch as our experts do their research and work diligently on the projects to provide the required quality.

Translation Services

With the world getting small and the reach becoming bigger, we also provide Translation services to our clients. The academic translation service is an important work which needs to be done by professionals only. At EduInsip, we do not take this lightly and provide the best quality translation that goes under quality checking and proofreading before it gets delivered to our clients.


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